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Post Graduate Scholarship in Law & Gender

This scholarship has been established at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) with the generous support of an Individual who is an advocate for equitable education. 


Institution: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai Campus)

Course:  LLM, Women’s Studies, MSW (Women-Centred Practice)

Income limit: Rs. Four lakhs annual family income 

Gender: All Genders

Category: SC/ST/OBC, Women, Religious minorities and Queer students

Value of scholarship

Rs. 50,000 for the entire duration of study at TISS

Selection process

The application rollout, screening and final selection will be done by the Office of Student Affairs, TISS through the student aid mechanism.

Number of awards

The scholarship will be awarded to one student 

Meet the scholars

Rahul E

Rahul E

Master of Laws (Access to Justice)

Bridge - PG Scholar in Law & Gender, 2023-24

I  come  from  a  background  where  economic hardships have been a constant  companion.  The  financial  burden  was  immense,  and  the prospect  of  obtaining  a  master's  degree  in  law,  given  my  family's economic condition, seemed like an impossible feat. I strongly believe that pursuing LLM at TISS will provide me with abetter  perspective  on  human  rights.  Now,  'Bridge'  has  not  only lightened the burden of tuition fees but has also become a source of motivation and encouragement, propelling me forward in my quest to make a meaningful impact through the realm of law. A  lawyer  with  social  compassion  can  play  a  huge  role  in  ensuring access  to  justice  for  all  people,  especially  the  vulnerable.  Being  a Bridge  Scholar,  my  journey  at  TISS  will  not  only  equip  me  with academic prowess but also instil in me the values necessary to become an advocate for positive change.

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