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  • Is Bridge a registered body?
    Yes, Bridge is registered as a Section 8 non-profit company as 'Eduscholar Access Foundation'.
  • Are donations under Bridge tax-exempted?
    Yes, donations under Bridge are applicable for tax-exemptions under 80G.
  • Can I apply for a scholarship through Bridge?
    Students can apply for independent scholarships (ones that are not in collaboration with the university) through Bridge. For others, applications are processed through the student-aid procedure of the university. For details on each scholarship, check our existing scholarship page.
  • Does Bridge have a say in the selection of students and the disbursement of funds?
    Yes, the for the independent scholarship, Bridge and the benefactor is the deciding authority. For funds generated through direct donations and scholarships in collaboration with the university, the student aid committee has the final say.
  • Whom should I contact if I have an issue?
    For any challenges, please write to us at
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