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Gladis and Rhee Johnson Scholarship

Gladis and Rhee Johnson Scholarship has been made possible by the generous contribution of  Dr. Raju Rhee (TISS 2011-13) in the name of his parents, Mr. Rhee Johnson and Late Gladis Johnson. 


Institution: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai Campus)

Course: First-year student from School of Social Entrepreneurship/School of Social Work/School of Health System Studies.

Income limit: Rs. Four lakhs annual family income

Gender: All Genders

Value of scholarship

Rs. 100,000 for the entire duration of study at TISS

Selection process

1. Applications rollout to be done by Bridge team along with the TISS Student Aid Applications
2. Applicants to submit SOPs
3. Initial Screening against the eligibility to be done by Bridge
4. Shortlisted profiles to be shared with OSA/Student aid committee for recommendations
5. Final interviews to be conducted by OSA/Student aid committee along with the funders


Number of awards

Two students will be be awarded the scholarship (depending on the selected applications and availability of funds)

Meet the scholars


Pragati Panjikar

Masters in Public Health - Health Administration

Bridge Gladis & Rhee Johnson Scholar, 2023-24

I  hail  from  a  rural  area  in  Bihar  where  I  encountered  significant challenges  in  pursuing  my  education.  The  absence  of  educational resources posed a major obstacle, with schools far from my residence. Moreover,  the  dearth  of  opportunities  for  higher  education compelled  me  to  relocate  to  a  city.  However,  the  financial  burden associated  with  living  in  a  city  became  a  formidable  hurdle.  My parents  faced  considerable  hardships  managing  the  necessary  funds for my academic pursuits. Unfortunately, my  family  is grappling  with a severe  financial crisis, rendering  me  unable  to  meet  the  required  fees.  This  scholarship serves as a beacon of hope, offering a crucial lifeline that enables me to  overcome  this  financial  barrier  and  continue  my  education.Securing  this  scholarship  not  only  facilitates  completing  my academic journey at the esteemed institution but also paves the way for  a  brighter  and  more  prosperous  future.  I  express  profound gratitude to Bridge for their remarkable support, as this scholarship is instrumental in not only realizing my educational aspirations but also my personal and professional development.

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