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Md. Wasim Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been established at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) with the generous support of a TISS Alumni and his spouse.


Institution: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (All Campuses)

Course: All Masters' courses ( Except self financed and HR)

Income limit: Rs. Four lakhs annual family income 

Gender: Open to all

Religion: Muslim

Value of scholarship

Rs. 68,500 for the entire duration of study at TISS

Selection process

1. Applications rollout to be done by Bridge team along with the TISS Student Aid Applications
2. Applicants to submit SOPs
3. Initial Screening against the eligibility to be done by Bridge
4. Shortlisted profiles to be shared with OSA/Student aid committee for recommendations
5. Final interviews to be conducted by the funders

Number of awards

Two to three awards (depending on the selected applications and availability of funds)

Meet the scholars


Md. Rashid Khan

M.A. Social Work in Public Health

Bridge Md. Wasim Memorial Scholar, 2023-24

Embarking  on  my  educational  journey  has  presented  its  share  of challenges,  including  navigating  financial  constraints.  Despite  the hurdles, my passion for learning has remained unwavering, and this scholarship  serves  as  a  beacon  of  encouragement,  alleviating  the financial  strain  and  enabling  me  to  focus  wholeheartedly  on  my studies. This scholarship is not just financial aid; it's a transformative opportunity.  It  allows  me  to  explore  new  horizons,  engage  in impactful  projects,  and  contribute  meaningfully  to  society.  The support provided will not only shape my academic pursuits but will also empower me to actively participate in extracurricular activities, internships,  and  research,  enhancing  my  overall  educational experience. Looking ahead, I aspire to leverage the knowledge and skills gained at TISS to address pressing societal issues. Post my education, I envision myself actively involved in social initiatives, utilizing my education as a catalyst for positive change.

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