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Veena Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been established at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) with the generous support of Christian Chandran (TISS 2002-2004), Ronita Chattopadhyay (TISS 2002-2004) and Yachna Srivastava (TISS 2002-2004).


Institution: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (All Campuses)

Course: Second-year student pursuing any Masters course

Income limit: Rs. Four lakhs annual family income 

Gender: All Genders

Category: OBC

Domicile: UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Uttarakhand

Value of scholarship

Rs. 50,000 for the entire duration of study at TISS

Selection process

The application rollout, screening and final selection will be done by the Office of Student Affairs, TISS through the student aid mechanism.

Number of awards

The scholarship will be awarded to one student 

Meet the scholars

Nikhil Giri Photo - Nikhil Giri (2).jpeg

Nikhil Giri

M.Sc Regulatory Policy and Governance

Bridge Veena Memorial Scholar, 2023-24

Throughout my academic journey, I encountered numerous hurdles, particularly  when  transitioning  from  a  tier  3  to  a  tier  1  university. Overcoming financial constraints and adjusting to the demands of a higher  academic  caliber  required  a  lot  of  resilience  and determination. The Veena Memorial Scholarship represents far more than  mere  financial  assistance;  it  serves  as  a  much-needed  support system,  giving  impetus  to  my  aspirations.  By  alleviating  financial burdens,  it  affords  me  the  freedom  to  focus  myself  fully  on  my studies  and  extracurricular  pursuits,  nurturing  my  growth  on  a holistic level. Looking  beyond  my  tenure  at  TISS,  my  aspirations  focus  onbringing  meaningful  change  at  the  grassroots  level  in  Bihar's education and health sectors. I envision establishing an organization dedicated to enhancing access to quality education and healthcare, I aim  to  uplift  lives  and  contribute  to  the  socio-economic advancement of Bihar. Therefore, this scholarship embodies financial support and the catalyst for realizing my vision of impactful societal transformation.

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