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Azad Scholarship

This scholarship has been established at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) with the generous support of two TISS Alumni.


Institution: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai Campus)

Course: First-year student pursuing a Master of Social Work degree

Income limit: Rs. Eight lakhs annual family income (whomever you consider family)

Gender: All Genders

Value of scholarship

Rs. 75,000 for the entire duration of study at TISS

Selection process

Applications for Bridge Azad Scholarship opens after the final announcement of TISSNET results. The eligible students need to submit the statement of purpose and shortlisted students will be invited for the interview stage. The outcome for the scholarship is given before the deadline for admission fee submission at TISS.

Number of awards

Two to Three awards (depending on the selected applications and availability of funds)

Meet the scholars


Mirza Abul Hasan Ali

M.A. Social Work in Mental Health

Bridge Azad Scholar, 2023-24

Growing  up  in  a  family  where  my  father  is  a  bookseller  and  my mother  a  loving  homemaker,  I  developed  a  profound  appreciation for knowledge and literature. While I may  lack formal training and technical expertise in social work and counseling, I firmly believe that where there is a will, there is always a way. Guided by this principle, I am determined to contribute to society within my means. By embarking on this program, I aspire to acquire the necessary tools and techniques under the guidance of exceptional mentors to address the issues of mental health effectively. I am incredibly grateful to Team Bridge for selecting me as a recipient of  the  Azad  scholarship.  The  scholarship  goes  beyond  financial assistance;  it  encompasses  the  invaluable  moral  and  emotional support provided by the team. Their friendly demeanor and genuine communication have  been instrumental in  helping me navigate  my new environment.

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